Olive Hill Clinique is a fully-licensed medical facility dedicated to helping patients heal from addictive behaviours and substance dependences.  The property is nestled on a sprawling hill of natural beauty, spanning acres of olive groves, citrus trees and palm trees. The facilities enjoy breath-taking views of the enchanting Atlas Mountains, an environment that is extremely conducive to recovery.  Situated in Marrakech, Morocco, Olive Hill Clinique is just a 30-minute drive from Marrakech International Airport, a major hub with direct air links to most major cities in Europe, Africa, the Gulf and the Middle East.  In order to break the cycle of addiction, Olive Hill Clinique ensures a holistic approach to treatment, offering internationally-validated, evidence-based therapeutic programmes, to treat each patient individually.  With the utmost respect for privacy and cultural differences, Olive Hill Clinique provides an oasis for healing and will always guarantee a journey to recovery tailored to the patient’s personal circumstances.  Olive Hill Clinique is a state-of-the-art facility offering top-notch facilities in a stress-free environment to help patients focus on recovery, one day at a time. Top-end amenities include:
  • Medical Unit and Nursing stations
  • Pharmacy
  • Individual and Group Therapy Offices
  • Art and Music Therapy Rooms
  • Café and Library
  • Theatre and Conference Room
  • Indoor and outdoor panoramic restaurant
  • Medical Spa and Beauty Salon
  • Infinity Pool
  • Fully equipped Fitness Center
  • Yoga & Pilates Studio
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Outdoors sports fields – Padel, soccer, basketball
  • Convenience Shop 
The Clinic

Individualised treatment plans

Each patient will be thoroughly assessed prior to admission. In addition, they will undergo ongoing evaluations to identify, and address individual problems.

The overall medical, psychotherapeutic, nursing and nutritional assessments will form the basis of the individual therapeutic plan.
The Clinic

Integrative therapies

Our Clinic will adopt an integrative approach, trough combining the best principles of traditional western medicine, person centred psychotherapeutic interventions, trauma therapy and a wide range of experiential therapies (i.e. challenge course, equine assisted psychotherapy, exercise and a range of physical activities).

We combine this with well proven complementary therapies, such as Chinese medicine nutrition and acupuncture. Other cutting-edge treatments will be implemented according to individual needs, such as rTMS and psychedelic interventions.

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